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Welcome to Dandy Hooligan, your source for funny T-shirts, hoodies, tanks, mugs & more.

We are dedicated to creating the most awesome apparel, with slogan for every mood and quotes that can help you show people who you are.whether you are happy, excited, mad or sarcastic, we want you to express yourself.


Founded in 2016 by Alon Laifer, Dandy Hooligan is a result of his battle against chronic pain.Alon is a musician, worked also as a cook until 2013, thats when he was diagnosed with multiple back disk herniations.

Since the diagnose its been a journey of self exploration,letting go and  finding inner peace, dealing with painkillers addiction and coming out of it, its been a journey of finding new desires and ways to create new things, its been a walk through mud against life forces, but this journey was the most amazing life changing experience.


We hope you’ll enjoy our products, it sure was fun making them.For any question or comment feel free to contact us at :



Creating is what makes me feel alive, it enables me to connect without speaking.

I invite you to love your struggles and embrace them as challenges, not problems.It may not seem like it at first, but if you’ll let it, your struggle will be a life gift.



Alon Laifer. Founder.





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